Quickies!: Sarah Palin Threatens To Sue Blogger Over Divorce Rumor

  • Sarah Palin is on the war path – the former Alaskan Governor is not only NOT getting divorced, she is now threatening to sue the Alaskan blogger “Gryphen” who posted the divorce rumor unless he posts a retraction/apology. Gryphen refused. [Extra TV] Seriously Sarah, this is not the first person to post a rumor about you on their blog.
  • Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine now has full custody over her son’s three children. A California judge made the announcement after 79-year-old Katherine and Debbie Rowe came to an agreement over the kids’ custody. [CNN] – I just hope the kids can have a more normal life with granny.
  • In a recent interview for the September issue of Vanity Fair, Farrah Fawcett’s former lover Ryan O’Neal confessed to hitting on his own daughter Tatum “on accident” at Farrah’s funeral. [Tres Sugar] Gross enough that it was his own daughter, but hitting on anyone at the funeral of a former girlfriend is just so wrong.

  • Tom Cruise was recently ousted from his role in the new action flick “The Tourist.” Australian actor Sam Worthington who wowed critics in “Terminator Salvation” will replace Tom for the male lead co-starring with Charlize Theron. [Just Jared] – I agree, Tom Cruise is just too pretty for another action movie.
  • Hopeful male astronauts in China now have to get the formal OK from their wives before they are allowed to jet off into space. Chinese space officials will not allow a man to go if his wife says no. [Yahoo] – Better bring her back something nice!
  • A bunch of pregnant women have started posting videos of themselves dancing on YouTube to show they can still get down even with a protruding baby belly. [Urlesque] – The videos are a little weird, but these ladies can get down!