Mother Finds Her Baby Up For Adoption On Craigslist

It’s amazing what you can sell on Craigslist these days. But instead of being amused, one mother got the shock of her life when she looked online and saw that her baby was up for adoption. A woman tipped off Massachusetts mother, Brenna, after she saw an ad on Craigslist for the adoption of Brenna’s son, Jacob. Worried and confused, Brenna checked out the ad. Turns out some man was using her son’s picture in an online adoption scam. The post advertised the adoption of a Canadian baby boy living in a orphanage in Cameroon, even though Jacob was safe at home in Massachusetts. He’d taken the picture of Jacob from his family’s public blog on WordPress. [CNN] After some more creative sleuthing, Brenna alerted police when the man asked her for $300 to start the adoption application process for a baby she already had. Thankfully Jacob was never harmed and is safe with his family, but this only shows the dangers of public access to personal information online. And also how ridiculous Craigslist has gotten. Seriously, don’t they have people who check the site to make sure other people aren’t selling babies?!