Girl’s Family Sues KFC For $8 Million Over Brain Damage

Four years ago, Australian girl Monika Sumaan ate a “Chicken Twister” from a KFC and, boy, did it really did twist her life up. The day after her fast food excursion, she got violently ill. Turns out that she got salmonella poisoning from the bad meat, and it’s caused her serious brain damage. Now that she’s 11, she’s confined to a wheelchair with spastic quadriplegia. Her family is suing KFC for more than $8 million in damages. They’re in court as we speak.But luckily, the problem seems to be about this specific KFC branch in Australia, not KFC at large. This store often failed its health inspections, and people suspect the contamination happened because workers weren’t too careful about moving between stations with raw and cooked chicken. Peeps who messed around with raw chicken often went over to help their friends at the cooking station without washing up. Wow, Colonel Sanders would so not be pleased. [Times Online UK]