Here She Comes, Miss Land Mine Cambodia 2009

Cambodia put the kibosh on a “Miss Land Mine” beauty pageant today, forbidding women who have been injured by land mines to strut their stuff.

According to the Miss Landmine Cambodia 2009 web site, 20 women, ages 18 to 48, who had been disabled by a land mine sometime since 1979, had hoped to compete. Pageant officials say the Miss Land Mine pageant, which took place in Angola last year, not only raises awareness about land mines, but it gives disabled women with prosthetic arms and legs a once-in-a-lifetime chance to vie for a beauty queen crown. Though governmental officials had planned to be partners in the beauty contest, scheduled for this Friday, last week a government spokesman said they reverted their position and won’t support a pageant that makes a “mockery” of the disabled. [AP]

Admittedly, we find Carrie Prejean highly entertaining, but we’ve never been a fan of any kinds of beauty contests. This pageant looks different, though. In any case, we’re not buying it that the Cambodia government says “Miss Land Mine” insults disabled women. The contest doesn’t look mocking or unkind at all! It sounds to us like Cambodia just doesn’t want the bad press about how their country is littered with explosives.