I Want Her Hair: Diane Kruger’s Side-Swept Ponytail

Diane Kruger has one hell of a hair stylist. Every single time she’s photographed on the red carpet, she’s rocking a new, genius look. Side braids, retro and sculpted waves, casual and side-pinned, a low chignon sprinkled with tiny braids throughout—nothing ever looks too shellacked or forced. In fact, she always looks like she just may have done it herself. (We know that isn’t true, though. Still!) Sure, the Jennifer Aniston’s of the world will always have a nice-looking blowout, but there’s just something to be said for taking the chance and switching it up. So when I saw Diane’s hair from a red carpet event in Sydney today, I had to give her a shout out for two reasons. It looks great, but also, since one-shouldered dresses are everywhere now but I never know how to fix my hair when I wear them, I’m stealing her idea. How it’s done, after the jump! This look can easily be recreated at home. Start off by applying a volumizer to damp hair at the roots and blow dry using just your hands—you aren’t going for sleek—so instead focus on getting as much volume into your hair as possible. If you’ve got pretty limp or thin hair (I feel your pain), your next step is giant, velcro rollers—they’ll give your hair great body, promise. For extra oomph, the secret is a bit of back-combing or teasing. Just like in the eighties, take your brush or comb and section by section, lightly comb up the hair shaft. But don’t go haywire, tease just enough to create texture. Stop if things get big and stiff.

OK, next: While Diane’s hair may look like it’s free-flowing on the right side, it’s actually pinned. Specifically, you want to drag your hair to the opposite shoulder of where your dress has a sleeve and gather hair to the right (or left, depending) of the center nape of your neck—make it look like a loose ponytail, of sorts. If your hair is a bit longer, you can secure it with an elastic band, but if you’ve got a shorter cut, go without. Pull the bunched hair up and position it next to the backside of your ear—as you pull the loose ponytail up, it’ll start to balloon out a bit, (which is exactly what you want as it will cover the elastic). Now pin like your life depends on it. Don’t scrimp. At this point, you’re nearly dunzo—last step is to gently pull out the front pieces, and (using a large barrel curling iron, held vertically), curl the front pieces away from your face, pulling the curling iron down and out to ensure the curl falls towards the floor. Remember, a little messy is a good thing.