Do You Want To Know Where Your Sweater Comes From?

Most meat-eaters prefer to not think about the previous life of their duck confit or the origins of their rack of lamb. Similarly, most of us don’t put too much thought into where our clothes really come from (we can’t advocate the use of fur, but do admit to wearing a bit of leather). Maybe that’s because most fabrics seem non-threatening. But now you might wince the next time you wear your winter wool sweater. Liz Jones of the Daily Mail explains that the wool in your clothing probably came from sheep raised for slaughter, not garments, as wool is now a devalued fabric.

Jones took the case one step further by taking in some sheep headed for the slaughterhouse, and making her own sweater (pictured) from the pets. Umm…

But, come the heatwave in May this year, having tried sponging my lambs with iced water, I decided they were too hot. I contacted a holistic shearer called Simon. He arrived with shears and special shearing slippers…I worried that my lambies, who are called Caitlin (she has horns and a dark face), Willow (she is very thoughtful) and Ash (so shy she reminds me of myself at a Seventies disco) would be alarmed, but Simon was so gentle I needn’t have worried.

Aside from the fact that her resulting sweater is a) not fashion-forward and b) horrific, is there value in seeing the process from start to finish? As in, would you be into seeing a picture of the lamb from which your sweater came? (Okay, we kid slightly.) Or would you rather know your clothes as they are in your wardrobe, not on the farm? [Daily Mail]