Do Nursing Homes Make Sex Impossible?

No one wants to think about sweet ol’ Grams getting freaky with her new dude—but senior citizens still have a libido and, unfortunately, nursing homes make having a sex life nearly impossible, argued psychologist Ira Rosofsky in the L.A. Times today. Rosenberg recently had a nursing home patient referred to him when an aide walked in and found the patient masturbating. But with no privacy and nursing home doors open all the time, what’s a horny Nana to do? Septu- and octogenarians are surprisingly frisky, according to a 2007 survey by the University of Chicago called “A Study Of Sexuality And Health Among Older Adults In The United States.” Clearly, just because your living years are on the wane, doesn’t mean your sex life has to be.

Thirty years ago, one sociologist suggested to a group of nursing home operators that facilities be built with “privacy rooms” where randy seniors could have sex. Back then, the nursing home operators declined and Rosofsky thinks that’s a shame. Reconsider for Grammy’s sake now—and remember, it will be your problem someday, too. [L.A. Times]