Saudi Women Opting For More Plastic Surgery

Being covered in robes and veils from head to toe is not stopping women in Saudi Arabia from getting plastic surgery. Surprisingly, liposuction, breast augmentations, and nose jobs are drawing females to the plastic surgeon’s at the same rate as in other parts of the world. It seems that self-consciousness can grow even when people can’t see your features. The only time Saudi women can show off their clothes and haircuts are for their husbands, at women’s parties, and when abroad. Whereas 10 years ago, a plastic surgeon was quite the rarity in the Arab nation, now 35 surgical treatment centers exist. But the religious values that govern the majority of Saudi lives are not being overlooked when it comes to these procedures. Three years ago clergymen and plastic surgeons met to create a consensus on tampering with God’s natural creations. The result was that “undergoing an unsafe procedure or changing the shape of a ‘perfect nose’ just to resemble a singer or actress” was haram, or forbidden, while “small breasts, fixing features that are causing a person grief, or reverse damage from an accident” is halal, or sanctioned.Despite this merit system, some doctors aren’t following the orders and are more liberal than others. The reputations of the surgeons are well-known and so women are able to get away with more at some establishments. This has become particularly problematic because in Saudi Arabia, versus in the rest of the world, there is a much higher demand for procedures that diminish one’s natural features.

So in just a decade, how could this demand have grown so drastically? Maybe this wouldn’t be as large of a problem if Saudi women didn’t have to hide in order to exercise? [ABC News]