Make Up Your Face For Under $20

Why, oh why is makeup so pricey? Yes we love our YSL and Benefit, but considering the circumstances, maybe schlepping to the drugstore beauty counter aisle isn’t so bad anymore. We’ve rounded up a face full of daytime-friendly makeup for a mere $20.

  1. e.l.f Shimmery Facial Whip, $1, e.l.f Cosmetics
  2. N.Y.C Eastside Brownstone Eyeshadow, $3, N.Y.C Cosmetics
  3. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, $6, L’Oreal
  4. True Match L’Oreal Natural Buff, $9, L’Oreal
  5. e.l.f Lip Plumping Glaze, $1, e.l.f Cosmetics