“Clueless” And Other Chick-Flicks Heading To Broadway

Clueless,” the ’90s chick-flick which never gets old, taught every tween girl the word ‘sporadic.’ Now, it’s on its way to becoming a Broadway musical. At the end of August, a developmental staging will be running for a week. If all goes well, the production could be headed to the Great White Way. Wait, isn’t Alicia Silverstone working on another Broadway project? Please, please tell us that she’ll be reprising the role of Cher! [Variety]
I’ll be the first to admit, that as much as I’d love to see Ms. Silverstone as Cher again, I can’t help but wonder—what’s with all the chick-flicks being turned into musicals? First it was “Legally Blonde,” then last week we learned that “The Notebook” is making its stage debut. Also, I’ve heard rumors of a “Bring It On” musical being in the works.

So, is original musical theater dead? From the way I see it, I can already watch any of these movies from the comfort of my home for nada, so if I’m going to splurge $120 a ticket for a night at the theater, shouldn’t it be for something I can’t see anywhere else?