Artist Manages To Make Chocolate Unappetizing

Artist Stephen J Shanabrook’s work may be the best diet out there. He molds yummy things like chocolate and cotton candy into such unappetizing sculptures we shudder when we think about putting these “treats” in our mouths. Shanabrook sculpts chocolate into body parts, like ugly ears and fat fingers. He also makes chocolate scars and weird, unidentifable holes. He puts all of these creations in morgue boxes and sells ‘em. He’s gone as far as to make chocolates that look like a sucide bombers’ remains. But he doesn’t stop there. During a recent performance exhibit in Switzerland, the artist covered his face and the surrounding area in red cotton candy. It kind of looked like he’d gotten shot in the face and was bleeding everywhere. If Shanabrook really wants to make bank he should compile a bunch of photos of his creations and turn them into a big, fat diet book. []