Anatomy Of Snap-Worthy Street Style

We’ve already read about how to get spotted by street style impresarios like The Sartorialist, but we have yet to break down the anatomy of snap-worthy street style. So let’s take this out of the theoretical and into practice. We’ve picked three different pictures from The Sartorialist and we’ll break down what works after the jump.

  1. If you’re looking to be spotted, being taller than the people around you doesn’t hurt. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, merely a fact: if you’re a few inches taller than the people you’re surrounded by, it’s easier to snatch attention.
  2. The dress is a fairly classic shape but the print and color are unusual.
  3. She doesn’t look pose-y.
  4. Most street style seekers love bold accessories like this intense necklace.
  5. If you’re not a super-smiley person, there’s no need to walk around with an over the top look-how-much-fun-i-am smile plastered across your face. There’s also no need to look scowly just cause you think it’s cool.
  6. Terrible though it sounds, the well dressed always look even better when their less stylish peers are around…
  7. Another bold accessory. Nice.

  1. This girl clearly is a smile-y person. Notice how it doesn’t look forced? More like maybe she was laughing when he got there? Very cute.
  2. A funky hat that’s not too ridiculous.
  3. The dress is simple and pretty but wearing it on a bike–even though she’s not actually riding it–makes it unusual. Seriously, how often do you see well-dressed people bike riding? Everyone loves what my friend calls PGOBs: Pretty Girls On Bikes.
  4. Contrasting shoes with funny details like these with their plastic hearts are ever-adorable.

  1. Notice how none of the shots we’ve shown include over-done hair styling? There’s a reason for that. Unless you’re totally going for over the top, people want to be able to believe that you’d look this way with out without the camera.
  2. Ditto with the makeup. You’ll find lots of street style shots with a strong lip or eye, but few with both or generally a lot of makeup. It all goes back to the being somewhat realistic thing.
  3. If you’re a believer in all black (that’s me and I definitely am), try unusual shapes and textures. The skirt is three tiers and high waisted and the shirt is more or less entirely see through lace.
  4. Even the most staunch supporters of the color black like a pop of color every now and again. And I’ve personally loved Dorothy’s ruby slippers forever. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a bit of a soft spot for them.