The Weekly Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

What happened to the celebs of the world this week??? Jude Law got himself a baby mama, Roseanne Barr posed as a Nazi, and Lindsay Lohan begged for a chance at reprising Marilyn Monroe’s role in a remake of “Some Like It Hot.” It may take all weekend just to wash our brains out after this one.

All the celeb news you missed this week on The Frisky, and more, after the jump:

  • We asked if Katherine Heigl is annoying. (Yes.)
  • We wondered what the hell compelled Roseanne Barr to pose for a magazine dressed like Hitler.
  • We charted the precipitous downfall of Jude Law’s career/hunkiness.
  • We had a chuckle over Sienna Miller and other celebs who have lost it during interviews.
  • We realized Judd Apatow writes really good parts for women in his movies—and he casts his wife, Leslie Mann, in the role.
  • We were grateful to have Paris Hilton around to warn the youth of America about the dangers of making a sex tape.
  • We pondered whether Obama’s beer summit with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Sgt. Crowley would have happened if it had been women involved.
  • We asked, what if some of us DO need a man in order to be happy?
  • And last but not least, we learned how to talk dirty!