Do Fashion Trends Ever Really Die?

The “fashion comeback” has been on our brains lately, what with the Charles Jourdan revival, the resurfacing of the peasant blouse, sheer tops and the onslaught of ’80s-inspired styles that came to a head with Marc Jacobs’ Fall ’09 collection (pictured), and that’s just to mention a few. However, Guardian writer Paul Cocozza says we might have everything all wrong. “Fashion doesn’t really do comebacks,” he writes. “It just never properly says goodbye.” Ooohhh, deep!
The way Cocozza sees it, is that everything—from brands to fads—comes back again and again, in a cyclical manner that wouldn’t have styles really disappearing or going to the fashion graveyard. That rather, the industry functions on deception and memory loss, so that when reminders reappear, retro becomes an epiphany.

So what does this mean? That there’s little room for true creativity in new design because it always comes from something else? Or that we should be hanging on to every wardrobe addition for life because it will all come back in style anyway?

As much as there’s definitely evidence to support the argument, there’s something to be said for the element of surprise and nostalgia (or fascinated disgust!) that comebacks bring. Or do you disagree? []