Amy Winehouse’s Dad Makes A Record. Other Fame-Hungry Celebrity Parents.

It makes sense to me when children follow in their parent’s footsteps, but not so much when it’s the other way around. Amy Winehouse’s dad, Mitch (pictured at left), is a taxi driver. But he’s started recording an album of Frank Sinatra covers, along with a sprinkling of his own songs. A source at The Sun says, “Mitch has been working on [the album] for a while now. Amy always credits her dad with getting her into singing. He loves music. He has a good voice and wants a go at turning professional.” [Contact Music]

So he thinks fame is hereditary? Here’s a round-up of other parents who’ve grabbed at their kiddie’s coat strings, thinking that because they passed on such incredible genes, they should have a shot at fame, too.

  • Dina Lohan is always quick to take credit for Lindsay Lohan’s accomplishments, while meanwhile ignoring all her issues. Remember that period when Dina and Lindsay were hitting the clubs together? Yeah, not so cool. Last year, Dina emerged with a reality show called “Living Lohan,” staring Dina and little sis, Ali Lohan. The show was very conspicuously lacking the only Lohan anyone ever cared about. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan continues to feed the tabloids any quote he can, about Samantha Ronson or even Jon Gosselin. I’m sorry, guys, but I don’t think Lindsay has enough fame to feed a family of four.
  • Joe Simpson was gifted with famous daughter Jessica, which he someone managed to parlay into fame for second daughter Ashlee. We all know how much Joe likes to praise Jessica’s boobs, but this manager dad also allegedly asked Tony Romo to drop his agent so Joe could manage his NFL career and $67.5 million contract. He also offered to sell the engagement and wedding picks if the couple got engaged, like he did for Ashlee’s wedding. Geez, I prefer my dad who just belittles my boyfriends until they leave the premises. [Us Magazine]
  • No one seems to be a fan of the Jackson family patriarch, Joe Jackson, who spent his whole life trying to get famous off his kids. Right before Michael Jackson died, the 79-year-old was in trying to put together a Jackson family reality show and reunite the Jackson 5. Joe said of his efforts, “I put a lot into my son, which—I sort of like stayed in the background when it comes to this news thing, but I put an awful lot of work into Michael.” It’s unclear whether Michael felt the love, since he fired Joe as his manager and said he “feared him to the point of fainting.” Also, Joe was quick to try to unload his record label 72 hours after Michael died. Yikes. He wasn’t a sculpture Joe, he was a human being. [ABCNews]
  • In a less sordid parental fame venture, Beyonce Knowles’ mom, Tina Knowles, went into the fashion business. After designing Destiny’s Child’s outfits for years, she started the line Dereon, named after her seamstress mother, Agnes Dereon. So Beyonce and Tina work on House of Dereon together and have been successful and don’t hate each other or do tabloid interviews about their personal lives. How novel! A family who works together and support each other. [Fashion Store]