Is William Shatner Obsessed With Sarah Palin?

Several folks have noted that Sarah Palin’s words kinda sound like poetry. But William Shatner seems to believe that on a whole ‘nother lever. On Monday night, Shatner did a spoken word performance as only the master of sexy slow talk can do, and on Wednesday’s Conan O’Brien, he recited some of Palin’s tweets, proving he needed no more than 140 words to create a performance masterpiece. Oh, oh. I hope this obsession leads to romance. I would vote Palin for president if William Shatner were her vice president slash lovah. More after the jump…

It’s official. Everything Shatner loans his voice to turns to gold—even Palin’s resignation speech. If you’ve never heard his record, “Spaced Out,” featuring songs performed by him and Leonard Nimoy, you’ve missed out on life. Let’s just hope Palin can churn them out as fast as Shatner can re-create the magic.

What do you think? Is this a match made in heaven? [E! Online]