Trailer Park: “Funny People” And “Adam”

Well, not a ton of movies are coming out this weekend. Luckily, this one of those cases of quality winning out over quality. First, we’ve got more Apatow-constructed bromance with “Funny People,” starring Seth Rogan, Adam Sandler, and Judd Apatow’s wife. And next, “Adam,” sigh, a romantic comedy about a hot dude with Asperger’s syndrome. It’s about time mental illness got some love.

The Movie: “Funny People”
The Trailer: Comedian George Simmons (Adam Sandler) has an existential crisis after being diagnosed with a terminal disease. He takes in a young comic (Seth Rogen) as his crony and confidant as they navigate the apparently depressing reality of the stand-up comedy world. Leslie Mann plays the “one who got away” (and married a douche bag) and other co-stars include Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman. “Funny People” promises to be more grown-up than Judd Apatow’s previous flicks. Apatow says of it, ”The movie isn’t about Adam at all. But it is about [what might have happened to] us and other comedians if we had learned no lessons along the way and been generally insane.” Sounds…fun? [Entertainment Weekly]
The Hitch: I’m really excited for this movie because I’m a fan of Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow movies and they’ve finally met somewhere in the middle. Apparently Sandler and Apatow lived together way back in the day when they were both stand-up comics, so it will be interesting to see the dynamics between their methods…not to mention the cast of hilarious actors.

The Movie: “Adam”
The Trailer: Adam (Hugh Dancy from “Confessions of a Shopaholic”) is a 29-year-old electrical engineer with Asperger’s syndrome who’s obsessed with astrology and the origins of the universe. Adam spends a lot of time in his own head and takes what he can from conversations though he misses a lot of innuendo and subtext. He falls in love with his neighbor, a grade school teacher (Rose Byrne from “Damages”) and seduces her the only way he can imagine…by putting on a spacesuit and cleaning her windows? [Entertainment Weekly]
The Hitch: I kind of enjoy movies where girls fall for guys with disabilities…like “Edward Scissorhands” and the Christina Ricci classic “Pumpkin,” but a little Aspergers isn’t enough to distract from the attractiveness of Dancy, no matter how socially awkward they made his character. I always go for the twitchy guys, grasping for their inhalers. “Adam” looks to be a really sweet movie about love in the time of Aspergers.