Today’s Lady News: Study Finds Feminists Actually Don’t Hate Men. Um, Duh.

  • Here’s a shocker: Feminists don’t actually hate men. A study published by the Psychology of Women Quarterly found that people who cheerlead for traditional gender roles, not feminists, reportedly have the most negative attitudes about the menfolk. [Feministing] — However, further study is required on why feminists won’t shave their hairy armpits, burn their bras, and have no sense of humor.
  • Billie Jean King, one of the first openly gay athletes, and Harvey Milk, the gay civil rights leader upon whom the film Milk was based, will be recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. [San Francisco Chronicle]—So will Sen. Ted Kennedy, presumably for his role in helping the Obamas pick their new puppy, Bo.
  • Despite opposition from the Vatican, Italy’s drug agency ruled yesterday that hospitals can give women RU-486, the abortion pill. Italy will not allow RU-486 to be sold at drugstores, however. [Guardian]—So if a woman wants to terminate a pregnancy with the abortion pill in Italy, she has to check into a hospital? Doesn’t that totally negate the point of RU-486, which was to allow women to have an abortion in the privacy of her own home? Color us confused.

  • Rape victims are still sometimes left paying the bills for hospital expenses and medical exams, an investigation by the journalism group ProPublica, along with the HuffPo, has found. Although the Congressional Violence Against Women Act made states address the problem of billing survivors for these expenses, individual state laws mean some people fork over as much as $1,200 for their own care. [ProPublica] — Despicable. How awful if the cost would discourage some victims from seeing a doctor after a sexual assault.
  • Newly published research in China found that the country has 13 million abortions each year, compared with 20 million births. [BBC] — Hmm, might want to reconsider that one-child-per-family policy, China.