The Dark Side Of Being A Flight Attendant

Russian airline Aeroflot, which is known for its sketchy planes, disgusting food, and bad service, is getting a makeover. At least, their flight attendants are. The company’s new boss said he is only going to hire “very eye-catching girls.” Also, women who are larger than a size 10 need not apply. [Daily Mail]

We feel bad for these women, but, apparently, things aren’t much better on other airlines. If you think being a flight attendant is glamorous you are way behind the curve.After 9/11, flight attendants’ lives took a turn for the worse. They have to deal with more regulations, which means more passengers who are pissed about the whole flying experience. Also, flight attendants have to know how to reprimand and even handcuff people now. Some complain that they feel like babysitters.

Also, flight attendants work really long days and only get paid when the plane’s engine is running. Meaning, they don’t get cash for the boarding process, which is the most difficult part of the job. The pay isn’t that great either. One woman said she made more in 1998 than she does today. Sheesh.

Passengers act pretty crazy, too. A lot of travelers are unfriendly, demanding, or just plain nuts. Some still try to smoke while they are flying. One flight attendant recalled a time when the plane she was working on had to turn around because a woman was streaking up and down the aisles.

So if you decide to work in this industry, fasten your seat belt. [CNN]