Roseanne Barr Thinks She’s Hitler And Dresses Like Him, Too

The new issue of Heeb has got me downright confused. The hip Jewish magazine’s feature story, “That Oven Feelin’,” features pictures of Roseanne dressed as Hitler, baking and eating burnt “Jew cookies.” The crazy doesn’t stop at the photos. In a pretty shocking interview with the 55-year-old Jewish actress, Roseanne seems to have dropped off the sane-train since her television days. Now residing in Utah, Roseanne blogs and writes essays about menopause and medicine and tells Heeb she’s the reincarnated soul of Hitler. Also that macadamia nuts are the staple of perfection? What the putz!? [Heeb Magazine]

Now I’m not Jewish, but I thought Holocaust jokes were never kosher. I can’t quite understand why Roseanne herself requested to don the dictator’s mustache and swastika for the shoot, not to mention why the mag let her. Maybe just for extreme shock value? The Heeb reporter described the “Domestic Goddess Hitler” as “maybe the last celebrity utterly incapable of giving a f**k.”

Obviously. Roseanne is like that crazy lady who lives in the woods. Holing herself up in Utah after years of tabloid flare-ups, Roseanne freely bashes alcoholics while mentioning her love of getting drunk off straight tequila. Then she says that vegans sniff coke and listen to bad music, after describing how she cooks her favorite pot roast. Wrapping up her mind-boggling interview, Roseanne packs up a care package for her son—a burnt “Jew cookie,” a Polaroid of herself as Hitler, and the swastika armband she wore at the shoot. How thoughtful?

Even after reading the piece, I’m still trying to figure out what the eff Heeb and Roseanne were going for. What do you think—just plain wrong or funny?