Dubai Doesn’t Want To Play Host To “Sex and the City”

For some rather obvious reasons, the “Sex and the City” sequel is having trouble getting permission to film in Dubai, a Muslim country. From all that glorified promiscuous sex down to the very name of the show, it’s no wonder that the set and the plot aren’t really meshing. But because we’re morbidly curious about how they’re going to make this even vaguely interesting, we’ve got a few ideas to help them speed up filming. [Daily Express]

  1. Family Vacay: Charlotte’s got two kinds, Miranda’s got little Brady and fingers crossed that Carrie’s going to be teetering around in five inch heels, round as a bowling ball.
  2. Botox: These “girls” aren’t getting any younger and Samantha’s a documented lover of the Botox, who says they can’t go to Dubai for a little squirt of it here and there?
  3. Shopping: I’m sure they’re planning a bit of that, too, but perhaps they could, umm, spend the entire trip on one massive, jealousy-inducing shopping spree.
  4. Leaving Samantha In New York: It’s not exactly an activity to be done in Dubai, but leaving out the sluttiest most sexually liberated one of the bunch might clear the issues right up…
  5. Clubbing: Dubai may not be big into the promiscuous sex, but it is rife with bad ass night clubs dark enough to make these middle aged women look 35 again.