Dressing Like A Circus Freak Isn’t An Insult Anymore

We know, we get it: Vampire fashion is so hot right now. But we all know human blood (or True Blood, for that matter), is a bitch to get out of silk. What’s another trend you can jump on? Circus chic. No, seriously…

Yes, circus fashion. It appears to have started, God help us, with the Dsquared2 costumes from Britney Spears’ latest circus-themed tour. (Only Britney could make pasties “circus-themed.” Not any circus my father took me to.)

Then Forever 21 introduced yet another collection, Forever 21 Twist, with a Cirque 21 collection. They’ve got a cute polka-dot top, a ruffled tulle petticoat and tons of cute skirts and dresses, but the collection mostly looks circus-themed in name only.

Now the L.A. Times’ fashion blog is raving over the costumes at L.A.’s Cirque Berzerk cabaret-and-burlesque show. Top hats, thick stripes, gold tassles—of course, much classier than the ones worn by Brit-Brit.

It might be time to cool it with the circus clothes, designers. Red clown noses will be next! Just you wait.