DIY Dating in the Dark

Viewers are going crazy over the new ABC show “Dating in the Dark” where women and men are forced to get to know each other in the pitch black darkness. After a few dates, they are allowed to see each other without speaking and finally must make the choice of how important looks really are. Here at The Frisky we wish we had time to audition and hop on to one of these fun shows, but sadly we don’t. (Consequently, some of us also have boyfriends who just wouldn’t understand.) Instead we’ve decided to find activities to recreate dating in the dark.

  1. Dining in the Dark: Mmm, this is one restaurant trend that looks delicious. You choose your menu ahead of time in a lighted room, then are escorted to a table by someone wearing night goggles where you sit down to a meal in complete darkness. Dark diners rave that they couldn’t even identify a burger as a burger when they couldn’t see what they were eating, and that they never knew it could taste so good. Check out this clip for a some vid clips.
  2. Planetariums: We’re ready to bet the last time you went to a planetarium was on a third grade field trip. Sneak in some snacks, sit back, and let the darkness surround you because every seat is a good seat.
  3. Midnight Bowlin: Just like regular bowling but in low light conditions. Also known as cosmic bowling or rock-n-roll bowling, expect alien fluorescents and black lights. Maybe dangerous, or maybe extremely fun. Here in New York, posh drinking hole and bowling alley Bowlmor Lanes is a hotspot for dates from us regular folks to celebs.
  4. Yoga in the Dark: What could beat hot box yoga? How about “practicing” in the dark! Trendy yoga store Lululemon in Austin holds classes led by glowsticks. For once no once no one will look around and wonder if it was you that farted.
  5. Hide-N-Seek: You heard right, hide and seek for grown ups. Leave behind cell phones and fax machines for a little bit of exercise. Best of all, it’s free.
  6. Dancing in the Dark This one sounds scariest of all to us but ballrooms are dimming the lights ultra-low for special nights. Let’s just hope you wind up being belle of the ball and not Cinderella losing her slippers. Google your way to a dancefloor near you from Carolina to California.