Cheerleader Sues Coach And High School For $100 Million

Why do cheerleaders have the most scandalous lives? Like, I know they really want their team to win and they’re willing to shout and kick their legs as high as possible to make that happen, but after that, can’t they just be normal? I guess not.

The latest cheer drama comes to you from Mississippi, where Mandi Jackson, a soon-to-be junior in high school, and her family are suing her former coach, Tommie Hill, and Pearl High School for the upwards of $100 million! When her cheer coach asked for the password to her Facebook account, for some reason Mandi gave it up. When the coach logged into the account, she found profane e-mails from Jackson to another student and, as a punishment, made the cheerleader sit out the next game. The Jackson family found this to be an atrocious breach of privacy and has tangled with the school district for the past two years it. Because the school district claims that Hill needed the password, as it’s a coach’s responsibility to monitor what their athletes are doing on social networking sites.

Nothing has been resolved, Mandi no longer has any friends, and now the case is going to federal court where the Jackson family is asking for $100 million in damages from the defendants. Holy Scandal! [WAPT]