The 30-Day Breakup Guide Will Be Here When You Need It

You might not have been splitting with someone when we started our 30-Day Breakup Guide at the beginning of the month, but if you are now (or do at some point in the future), don’t forget to follow our step-by-step instructions for how to get over him. Moving on from a relationship can be tough, but forcing yourself to go through our daily to-do list for a month will motivate you to pull yourself together in no time — or at least distract you from the deep emotional pain you’re feeling for 30 days.

Change Your Cell Phone’s Wallpaper
Tell Your Friends
Make Your “Breakup Bible”
Get A Drink (Or Six)
Buy A Ticket Out Of Town
Go Grocery Shopping
Box Up His Crap
Buy A Dress
Read A Book You Loved
Change Your Perspective
Start a “Go to Hell” Fund
Wear Something Pink
Write A Letter to Your Best Friend
Talk to A Little Girl
Plan A Lady Party
Sign Up For A Class
Fix Something
Cook Dinner
Call Your Dad
Have A No-Chick-Flick Night
Give Blood
Get Your Hair Did
Stare Your Future Down
Go To A Movie By Yourself
Rip The Golden Glaze Off The Relationship
Get A Massage
Get A Plant
Go To Brunch Alone
Calmly Move On (Or at Least Look Like It)

Now, stop sobbing, and download a printable version here.