TV Shows That Are Complete Rip Offs

DJ AM, who you may remember as the other survivor in a plane crash along with Travis Barker, has a new show set to debut on MTV. The plane crash wasn’t the first time DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein, defied death. Eleven years ago, he was a crack addict who attempted suicide, but fortunately the gun got jammed. Since he’s been so lucky to escape death twice, he’s looking to help other people with addictions. His show, “Gone Too Far,” will help the loved ones of addicts rescue their friends and family from the reaches of death. This show sounds familiar. Wait a second… Isn’t that the same plot as A&E’s “Intervention”? Indeed, it is! While I’m not shocked that MTV is completely copying another network’s successful show, it’s so not. In fact, recycled premises happen all of the time. More after the jump. [LA Times Blog]

  • When “Project Runway” made the jump to Lifetime, Bravo didn’t know what to do with itself. So it did the least original thing possible and recreated the old show, with less famous hosts and called it “The Fashion Show.”
  • Fox’s ”American Idol” swept the nation when it debuted 2002. Four years later, NBC debuted a show with unknown singers on a stage and called it “America’s Got Talent.” The only difference: Instead of being awarded a record contract and world-fame, the winner of “America’s Got Talent” received $1 million.
  • In 2004, ABC audiences got quite a laugh out of watching moms switch homes on “Wife Swap.” Turns out, it was a total copy of Fox’s “Trading Spouses” that didn’t have much success. But in reality, both shows were exact replicas of the UK’s “Wife Swap” from the year before.
  • The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” have been such successes over the years that creator Mike Fleiss decided to pull off the same exact thing with a controversial twist. Now you can watch overweight people go through the same dating process on “More to Love.”
  • For years, every Friday night on E!, Joel McHale has been standing in front of a TV screen, making funny quips and recounting the best moments in pop culture on “The Soup.” Recently, a show debuted on Style, where every Saturday night, Danielle Fishel stands in front a TV screen, makes funny quips, and recounts the best moments in pop culture on “The Dish.” Enough said.

What do you think—will you watch DJ AM’s show? Or stay loyal to “Intervention?”