“The Real World” Hits A New Low

Last night, I found myself watching “The Real World: Cancun,” which has failed to entertain ever since I realized it only made me feel sad about having missed the bisexuality boat. (Also, do you need to have a weird name, like Bronne or Jonna, to get cast on this show now?) So, you know how every season since Miami, the cast has had to do some sort of “job”? In the past, they’ve worked for a radio station, run a spray tanning salon, worked for Outward Bound, and were employed by South by Southwest. Aside from the spray tanning nonsense, they’ve all been pretty cool gigs, especially when you consider the career potential and mental aptitude of most of the cast members. This season, however, the job actually matches the job skills, but not in a, uh, positive way. The gang of eight is employed by Student City, a tourism company which promises to give students “the ultimate spring break experience.” From what I can tell from last night’s episode, that means sponsoring drunken s**t shows and hosting wet t-shirt and booty shaking contests (for women, natch). But don’t worry! Just because the Real Worlders are working for Student City doesn’t mean they get to engage in all the grotesque revelry. Cast members are not allowed to “be drunk in public” or fraternize with any of the students on the trip. I realize this show has been on a downward spiral since, well, Las Vegas, but what’s next? “The Real World: Reno,” where the cast members work at a brothel? Or how about “The Real World: Dallas,” where the roomies learn the fine art of giving Botox injections?