Get Tested For STDs And Win An iPod Or Wii!

Want a new iPod? Or a Wii? Or a Fujitsu laptop? Get tested for STDs! In a new attempt to get England’s sexually rampant youth out of the bedroom and into a clinic, Britain’s National Health Service is entering folks who get tested in raffles for expensive high-tech toys and even weekend getaways. Why? Because there’s been a serious chlamydia outbreak there lately, and the disease is now the number one STD in the country. The NHS is dipping into taxpayer’s money, practically bribing folks to get tested. [Daily Mail]

Not only does chlamydia sound dirty, it is often symptomless and has irreversible effects, like sterilization and fatal ectopic pregnancies. Fortunately, antibiotics can clean up your bizness in a jiffy — if you know you have it. Thus, the NHS is hoping their gift-gimmick will do the trick. The NHS is handing out self-test kits for those too embarrassed or scared to go to the clinic. You send in a urine sample and get results, plus antibiotics, if needed, mailed back to you.

Winning a new laptop and knowing you’re STD-free is a great thing, but this seems like an underhanded way to get people to do the right thing. Shouldn’t people care about their sexual health without the promise of material possessions? It’s unfortunate that people are too lazy or too unconcerned to go on their own, and unfortunately no getaway to Scotland or France will help change that. And what if they run out of Wiis? Hopefully, it won’t be like a toy store at Christmas with people throwing punches.