Quickies!: Jeremy Piven Has Ideas For An Entourage Movie

  • Entourage” star Jeremy Piven sat down for an interview with CNN and mentioned that he is “no longer a sucker” and has “some great ideas” for a movie about the hit HBO show. [CNN] – I bet you do, Jeremy! And I have some great ideas for our life together!
  • A viral video featuring a wedding party dancing down the aisle to “Forever” has boosted sales of Chris Brown’s song by 47,000 in one week. [Just Jared] – I would say “congrats,” but Chris doesn’t deserve it.
  • Ali Larter and fiance Hayes MacArthur will reportedly marry at a family property in Maine this Saturday. [Starpulse] – Best wishes to the lovely couple!

  • Are weird, scary masks the next big thing in fashion? Fashion shows have been flaunting them quite often recently. [Refinery 29] — I think I’ll stick to the face I was born with, thank you very much. Other people should stick to wearing masks on Halloween.
  • The abortion rate in China has risen to 13 million a year — the highest in the world. [Guardian] — Experts attribute the rise in terminated pregnancies to an increased acceptance of sex without an increase in sex ed.
  • The Senate Finance Committee is considering placing a 10 percent surtax on elective cosmetic surgeries to help pay back part of the $1 trillion deficit caused by the health-care system. [Allure] — Ouch!