Perpetually Pregnant Mother Tries To Keep Her 14th Baby

A woman in England is giving OctoMom, the Gosselins, and the Duggars a run for their money. Theresa Winters is pregnant with her 14th child, but she’s never actually raised any of her other 13 kids past the age of two. Social Services keeps taking them! After the perpetually-pregnant mother was “taken into care” when she was younger, Social Services deemed her unfit to care for her children. [Daily Mail]Without question. This high school dropout worked in a factory until an accident damaged her leg. She had two children with her husband, Wayne, and one after the other the babies were taken away due to parental neglect. Then she had an affair with another man who she ended up leaving Wayne for. Husband #2, Tony, was obviously a catch: an unemployed former pizza man. The couple birthed 11 more kids, and kept none of them. It sucks that it’s taken 13 babies for Theresa to get the picture, but does she think the nurse isn’t going to take away baby 14?

The best part of this tragic family situation is that Theresa actually agrees with Social Services about taking the other 13 kids away, but she claims she’ll be able to care for lucky number 14. Even Theresa’s sister wants doctors to close up her baby shop. But Theresa’s a woman on a mission and claims she won’t stop getting knocked up until the government let’s her keep one of her kids. Maybe doctors can sneak in a hysterectomy next time Theresa has a C-section? Or maybe her uterus will just fall out. She’s been pregnant on and off from 1992 to 2009. How much more can it take!?