Old, White Men Are Getting Fired First. Feels Good To Be A Woman?

It used to be that the newest and youngest workers were the first to go when times got tough. But that’s not how it’s been in this recession. A lot of old white dudes are being shown the door, and joblessness rates for peeps age 55 and older are the highest they’ve been since the Great Depression. Conversely, Black women are totes fine, with joblessness rates almost eight percent lower than in 1983.Some are worried because older men usually have a lot of financial responsibility, what with families and all. These guys weren’t really expecting to be let go and were simply cruising towards retirement. To make matters worse, many of the lay-offs are occurring in finance and other fields which are dominated by men. Thus, it is getting harder and harder for older dudes to find work. When guys don’t have money, they deplete their retirement savings and can even have trouble affording health care.

Do we feel bad for these men, or have they been getting along too well for too long? And does this make you happy to be a young woman? [USA Today]