Magic 8 Ball Says “Outlook Not So Good” for Stormy Daniels’ Political Career

It’s stormy weather for porn star Stormy Daniels. Back in February, Stormy announced that she wanted to run for Senate in Louisiana, against Republican David Vitter, who’s one of the dudes linked to the DC Madam. She’d gotten as far as forming an exploratory committee in May. But her plans have been derailed lately. It’s as if the universe is telling Stormy, “It’s better to give a BJ for adult entertainment than for a political favor!” On Tuesday, Stormy’s political advisor Brian Welch was in New Orleans, when a mysterious man opened the passenger-side door of his car and threw something in. Turns out, it was a bomb and the car exploded. Luckily, Brian wasn’t hurt and has gone on to tell about the tale on the radio. “It’s too early for me to go pointing fingers,” he said. “I’d like to hear officially what happened and then we can take it from there. If someone’s trying to send me a message like this, it’s not going to work.” [Huffington Post]

Then Saturday, Stormy (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) was arrested for domestic violence. As in, she was the abuser. According to the Smoking Gun, Stormy allegedly hit her hubby over the head multiple times because she was “upset because the way the laundry had been done.” She denies hitting him, but admits to tossing around a potted plant, their wedding album, and some candles. Come on, who hasn’t been there? [Smoking Gun]

Stormy is out on $1,000 bail. But we all know that bad things happen in threes. What’s next? “Cannot predict now.” So, what about Stormy’s political career? “My sources say no.” Hey, at least her mug shot is kind of hot. And I think she’s pretty much clinched selling her life story for a biopic now.