Hussein Chalayan Is ‘Weirded Out’ By Models Who Design Clothes. Is He Justified?

amber 073009 jpg
Hussein Chalayan, the designer who brought us the bubble dress and the disappearing outfit, is “weirded out” by models who design clothing. (Amazing that a dude who crafted a dress made entirely of faux bubbles finds anything “weird” at all!) Then again, he has a point: If we toiled away at design school only to be outsold by celebs and models who wave their magic wands at their “people” and call it designing, we’d be pissed, too. We’ve rounded up a few model-slash-designers to gauge whether or not we agree with Chalayan. Amber Valletta recently announced a collaboration with sportswear line Monrow, adding herself to a growing list. A few other pretty faces have already gone down the designer road. Let’s assess. [The Cut]
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