Anna Wintour: Public Enemy #1 Of Discount Shoppers?

There’s no denying the rush of joy (and feeling like you’re getting away with theft) when you find an incredible designer piece at Loehmann’s or Nordstrom Rack that you can actually afford. Of course, on the flip side, there’s no more annoying feeling in life than when you’ve just spent your entire paycheck on an item of clothing, only to see it marked down 50 percent the next week.

Either way, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour doesn’t seem too happy about discounts in general (no surprise there). But even we were shocked by her rawtha extreme views! Wintour voiced her opinions at a CFDA meeting this week suggesting, “Could someone lead a committee that would make ground rules for retailers when the discounting starts, and then all the retailers can agree to it?” Diane von Furstenberg bluntly pointed out, “That’s illegal.” But that didn’t seem to bother Anna, who replied, “Is that something we can change? We have friends in the White House now.” [Would have killed to be a fly on that wall. So Zoolander! — Editor]

From our end, this might seem like a cruel measure to impose (especially if Wintour really can get her way into the White House — scary!), but the dilemma of the fashion industry’s falling profits from high discounts and knockoffs persists. So, what’s fair? And does Miss Vogue USA have a legitimate point or does this just reinforce the fact that she’s a very wealthy lady with a huge corporate clothing allowance who is totally out of touch with the American shopping public? [Grazia]