An Indie Rock And Yoga Festival? Other Summer Gatherings Of Our Dreams

Last weekend, a festival called “Wanderlust” rocked the beautiful hills of Lake Tahoe, California. This festival combines sweet musicians like Andrew Bird, Girl Talk, Broken Social Scene, and Jenny Lewis with yoga classes taught by pros. Sadly we missed it, but we still think that’s a pretty sweet combo. []

Here are some festivals we want to check out, plus a few that we wish existed.

  • The Chocolate and Wine Festival combines two of my favorite things ever. It already happened in Pennsylvania, but next year I’m definitely going. []
  • That said, I’d rather go to a chocolate and peanut butter festival. Why don’t they have that!? Everyone knows those two things go together better than anything else in the whole world.
  • Nude models and art. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. The Body Art Show in Ukraine draws a lot of artists, tourists and, most importantly, attractive, nude models. [News AU]
  • If wine isn’t your thing, check out Oktoberfest in Germany which combines beer and folk music. As a bonus you can go on some sweet carnival rides. [Oktoberfest]
  • Someone needs to make a festival that combines everyone’s fave summertime activities. Think: water balloon fights, slip n’ slides, beach volleyball, attractive people in bathing suits. Oh wait, that’s not an activity.
  • Massage and dessert festival, anyone?
  • OK, so that one doesn’t exist. But there is a Strawberry Music festival in California. []
  • If you wanna get your kink on or learn some new techniques for the bedroom you best rush to Kink, Copenhagen. This sex fest has strippers, sex toys, body art and just about every kind of freaky bedroom trick you can imagine. []
  • There aren’t a lot of female movie directors so I think they should make a film festival that includes only flicks directed by chicks.

What festival would you like to see?