Tanning Beds Are Shockingly Bad For You

I knew tanning beds weren’t a great idea, but I didn’t realize they were this bad! People who start fake-baking before age 30 have a 75 percent higher chance of getting cancer and are eight times more likely to get melanoma. [Guh-reat. — Editor] But, wait: It gets worse. Asbestos, arsenic, radium, and cigarettes are all as carcinogenic as the UV light found in tanning booths. Some tanning salons say they use UV-A light, which was previously thought to be safer, but the committee that conducted this study says, “Hell, no.” No matter what type of UV radiation you’re exposed to, you’re in trouble. Stay away, girls. Stay far, far away! I wonder if tanning salons will have to put some kind of warning signs on their front doors, like you see on packs of ciggies. [LA Times]

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