Sudanese Journalist Beaten For Wearing Pants

Earlier this month, Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein, a Sudanese journalist, went out to dinner with a group of 12 women. Police filed into the restaurant and arrested the women for wearing “indecent apparel.” In other words: pants. Ten of the women were called to the police station and given 10 lashes two days later. Lubna was summoned to the station earlier today—she left her home expecting to receive 40 lashes and $100 fine. Sheesh. For wearing trousers?

The fact that Lubna is a journalist is most likely not a coincidence. Tactics such as these are used often by Sudan’s oppressive regime to terrorize those that question the government. Another female journalist, Amal Habbani, who wrote an article about the whole “indecent” apparel fiasco, was charged with defamation of the police. Now she may be fined several thousand dollars. Will governments like this ever wake up? [Telegraph UK]