Sienna Miller And Other Celebs Who’ve Lost it During Interviews

Sienna Miller is usually as calm and composed as any good American-born British actress should be. But last week, during an interview with Australian DJ Adam Richard where he kept prodding her about her co-star/lovah, married-man Balthazar Getty, Sienna lost it. “Oh piss off,” she said. “Honestly, we’re here to talk about a film. You scad, bitches.” Listen to the interview here.

And now check out these other celebs, who all went a tad ballistic during interviews.

Seinfeld has a serious inferiority complex and even pulled out the classic, “Do you know who I am?!?” during this interview with Larry King.

Billy Bob Thornton must have taken some serious drugs before this Canadian radio show interview. The talk was meant to promote his band, The Boxmasters, but it mostly just made Billy Bob seem totally batsh*t. Listen to the whole thing. It’s worth it. I promise.

For a peek at some serious ‘90s getups, and to see Courtney Love throwing makeup at Madonna skip to 2:53.

Bill O’Reilly isn’t interviewing anyone here, except maybe the teleprompter guy, but this video is too funny to leave out. When Bill says he wants to do it live, he means it.