NYC Prep Recap: True Colors?

When Fashion Week rolls around in New York, it turns out that the flashy events aren’t just an opportunity to show off wealth and seem cool—instead, it’s during this time that the prepsters grapple with the idea of “image,” and as a result, some of the kids end up showing their true colors. For Kelli and Jessie, this turns out to be a good thing, landing them on top of the moral spectrum. For PC, however, it only reveals how false the veneer of his image is, and how confused he is by it.

For the first time ever, I feel like this episode of “NYC Prep” had a faint glimmer of what the producers were going for in the first place (or at least, what they would say they’re going for): to show a unique society of kids who impress by facing life’s challenges so well. Kind of like “Dawson’s Creek.” I won’t go as far as to say that this is true, but perhaps I’ve underestimated our dear reality heroes.

Jessie is fulfilling her dream by starting out her industry career with an internship at Charlotte Ronson. She goes to work backstage and has nothing to do, and looks painfully awkward as she tries to figure out how to stand around (a la Ty in the dance party scene in “Clueless”). It appears that she pulls her rich-bitch, I-have-no-work-ethic attitude when she throws in the towel after a day (for lack of glamour, I’d assume), but it turns out she’s got a lot of direction. She gets in with Carmen Marc Valvo, and every other minute spits out her determination at the camera. We get it: You have to love what you do; you are committed; you will kill your first born if it means Valvo’s evening gown won’t go down the runway.

All is going well until PC shows up at Jessie’s work event. She had invited him, but he brought his gay, coked-out entourage of Mopey, Dopey, and Snow White (Devorah, the magazine editor), who was clearly doing some skiing, if you know what I’m saying. We’re with Jessie on Devorah: ” You can tell when someone’s not from New York, and just not a real person.” Devorah is a witch inside who will turn against PC and leave him in a gutter. PC has clearly been blinded by Devorah’s fast and glam city life. Jessie is at first mad about PC’s uninvited friends. “Guests of guests do not bring guests!” Lay down the law, girlfriend! That is one effing awesome thing to say, and is so right. Thank you. Later on, Jessie confronts PC, and ends up holding back tears. She really is just looking out for him, and loves him, and doesn’t want him to get in trouble.

Also, PC is gay. Taylor may be calling him “bisexual,” but c’mon, really. We have it on good authority that he’s been making out with Barron Hilton (yes, Paris’ brother) all over town.

Kelli also steps up to the plate in this episode. She’s another character I grossly misjudged, because she seemed like the cookie-cutter private-school prototype with her shiny long hair, bubbly laugh, and glossy eyes. She at first came off as the naive and passive type who would cry easily. Not only did she prove her singing skills in the previous episode, but she’s now stood up to two guys. When Sebastian suggests that they start “hanging out” Kelli says, “Yeah … as friends.” She doesn’t want his sloppy seconds. Good for you, Kelli—can you please tell teenage girls (uh, and grown-up ones, too) to never compromise? It happens too often. She then schools PC when he tries to clear the air between them. “I feel like I’m more fighting like a chick. I never fight like this with a guy.” Snap. It’s not easy to defend yourself when you’re a pretty 16-year-old girl, so major props.

As for the rest of the crew, Taylor seems to be slipping dangerously into the prep school scene as she develops a new friendship with PC. As for Camille … DROP THE ACT. Please. That holier-than-thou judging gaze you give to everyone is old. She’s clearly so jealous of everyone around her, and her attitude just comes off as painful. However, next week, it looks like Camille will be humiliated for having sex with some guy named Dan. Maybe she has it coming to her, but maybe she’ll step up a bit to match the better influence of her peers.

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