Models — (They Blog) Just Like Us!

Models have finally caught on to this whole blogging thing—and, man, are they into it. Coco Rocha has her own blog, “Oh So Coco,” and just recently graduated to her own Twitter feed. Sessilee Lopez, not to be outdone, has a site where she talks about the “daily grind” that is being a model in NYC. Jezebel’s “Tatiana The Anonymous Model” (aka Jenna Sauers, outed as of July 21), will be writing a new blog for Jezebel as well as starting to re-update her own blog. And now, supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler has decided to team up with British Vogue to share her thoughts with the world—she already has a few posts up: about acing her driving test … well, after six tries; her case of swine flu and modeling in Iceland in not much clothing; details about her recent road trip through Ecuador (she really put the new license to use); how much fun Glastonbury was; and how NYC’s hot-hot-hot Jane Hotel Bar bores her. Disclaimer: Jacquetta’s blog ticks me off, in a sort of I-want-to-be-her sense. Not only did she take a year off from “working” to travel, but she just fell back into modeling when she returned with, oh, a little thing called a GUCCI CAMPAIGN. She also volunteered for Obama during her “time off.” Well, at least I’m a better driver than her. I got that going for me.