5 Reasons To Wear Harem Pants Now

When the harem pant trend came along this spring, many were reluctant to jump on the baggy-bottomed train. And with good reason—why go all gypsy-ass when you know people are going to stare at you, or think you’re smuggling produce or drugs in your crotch region?

True, true, the garment is one tricky trend. But, there are some wonderful things about them, too. Consider the following, and you may find yourself having a big old pants party before you know it.

  1. They’re on sale. The rush to get a pair is over, and it’s easy to come across cheap versions. A quick search will show you that even the fancy-shmancy brands have reduced their wares: DvF, was $198, now $78.90; Helmut Lang, was $275, now $164.90; Cynthia Vincent, was $160, now $80. The even better news is that the cheap brands are very cheap (although don’t expect too much when it comes to stitching and construction). Check out Urban and Alloy for some under $50 options.
  2. They’re super comfy, and a great pants option for the summer, especially when you don’t want to squeeze your sweaty legs into jeans. The airy feeling around your bum is quite delightful, trust.
  3. You can wear the biggest granny panties ever. No panty lines means you can wear comfy, huge Hanes Her Ways undies.
  4. They increase your fashion confidence. Think about it … you see a girl wearing harem pants and you might say ew, but you might also think, that girl must really know her personal style well, or, she must have balls (and if she does, I can’t see them through those pants).
  5. They’re a decent investment. What was a big spring/warm weather trend has lost just a bit of momentum. You can wear them now as a summer item, but our bets are that they’ll become a huge fall item as well. Get yours now, before everyone else does come September.