Who (And What) Is A Birther?

The video of the screaming lady above is not from your local PTA meeting. Nope. It’s a video of a Delaware Town Hall meeting where a middle-aged woman couldn’t control her pride in being an American citizen or the feedback coming from her microphone. This lady has become a key figure for the “Birther” movement, a group of conspiracy theorists who believe that President Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. and is instead a Kenyan citizen who tricked us all into voting for him. Despite the fact that FactCheck.org sent staffers to examine, photograph, and inspect Obama’s birth certificate and, upon returning, posted all of their photographs and findings––which proved that the document is indeed legitimate and Obama is 100 percent American-born — the “Birthers” have not gone away. To top that off, other media sources have even tracked down the local Hawaii newspapers from 1961, which published Barack Obama’s birth announcement. If I was remotely doubtful before, now I’m fully convinced that Barack Obama is a United States born citizen. So, shouldn’t these people be satisfied? I mean, what else could the “Birthers” want? A “Miracle of Life”-style video of Obama traveling down his mama’s birth canal filmed from a view outside the window of the hospital to prove it was taking place is in the U.S.? I just don’t get it. [Huffington Post]