Style Wars: Punks Vs. Hippies

tops 072809 jpg
OK, so we already know that punk style, and all the accompanying leather, chains, and studs, is in. Less apparent is the alleged return of hippie chic. I mean, yeah, we’ve been seeing a lot of fringed sandals around lately, and, sure, tie dye is having a bit of a comeback these days. But does this constitute the rebirth of hippie style? And, if so, are we going to have a good, old-fashioned hardcore-kid versus love-child fight on our hands?

We hope so! Witness these conflicting styles duke it out, and tell us which you’d rather wear, starting with the crochet halter above versus a leather tank top. [Left: $70, Free People, Bloomingdales, Right: $110, OAK]

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