Sold! Madonna’s Super Embarrassing Love Letters And Voice Messages!

Speaking of Madonna … on August 5, a company called Gotta Have It! is putting on a rock n’ roll memorabilia auction. A lot of crazy crap is going to be up for grabs, but our favorite items are Madonna’s love letters and super-sexual voice messages to former boy-toy Jim Albright. There are 21 letters total (bidding starts at $3K), plus 17 minutes of voice recordings (bidding starts at $25K), and a 15-minute personal video of Madge shot while she was filming “Dangerous Games” (opening bid, $10K). In all these love tokens, Madonna says some pretty embarrassing things. After the jump, the most cringe-worthy.

  • In her love letters, Madge calls her lover weirdo names like “Caesar” and “Booty Man.” She refers to herself as “Lil Booty.”
  • Madonna obvs has a butt obsession, because she also told Jim that although the director of her HBO special didn’t know WTF he was doing. “My booty looked good and you should see how good it looks in person,” she wrote. “It looks Bootyful!”
  • This isn’t too embarrassing, but the Material Girl totally dates herself when she says, “Send me a fax. I’ll be in bed waiting for you.” A fax, really!? Hot.
  • Oh yeah, that that amateur video up for grabs is labeled, “Snake Eyes Wife Swap Footage.” Oops!

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