RAGE Trailer Riduculous In A Rather Entertaining Way

There is a new movie coming out on September 24th. It is called rage. It looks full on ridiculous. With the aid of many colored backdrops and pseudo-deep statements from interviewees at the scene, a blogger working in a New York fashion house records the events surrounding a murder. Starring the likes of a tranny-fied Jude Law, model Lily Cole still attempting to act, Judi Dench being awesome and Steve Buscemi making you feel skeevy, the thing is jam-packed with celebrities you never wanted to see together in one movie.

Check out the trailer and a few choice bits from it after the jump. Here it is in all its glory. And here’s what we loved about it:

  • Jude Law in drag wearing a corset and saying things like “are you shy because I am celebrity?” and “I am, after all, only human.”
  • “Fashion’s not an art form. If it’s anything at all it’s pornography…to which millions are addicted. Hopelessly addicted.” -Dame Judi Dench playing what appears to be a holier than thou editor type. (cough, Anna Wintour, cough.)
  • “I shoot. Not with a gun, though I know how to.” -The Ever-Creepy Steve Buscemi
  • Model Lily Cole looking confused.
  • “I’ve seen a lot of movies so I know how people die.” -Some Guy
  • Judi Dench, badass that she is, using a gun lighter to light her joint while being interviewed.
  • Eddie Izzard.