Celeb Love-aholics: Orlando Bloom Chooses Girlfriend Over “Pirates”

Ahoy, Captain Cuteness! In a truly romantic gesture, Orlando Bloom is refusing to star in a fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie because he wants to spend more time with his girlfriend. Admittedly, most men would opt out of work if their girlfriend were Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, but still, this kind of decision sounds more out of a chick-flick than real life. Apparently, Orlando’s “love-hiatus” is also his third effort to convince Miranda to be his wife. [Daily Mail]

Come on, Miranda! Turning down a multi-million dollar movie franchise to be with you has got to be a convincing factor. But Orlando is not the only celeb choosing love over all. After the jump our favorite celebrity love-aholics.

  • Brad Pitt not only stopped acting to be a stay-at-home daddy. He also relocated to DC while Angelina was filming “Salt.” [Us Magazine]
  • Even though Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are both filming separate movies in Canada, their sets are just too far away. Which is why Zac told “E!” he would cross-dress to be on the same set as Vanessa in her next mostly-female movie, “Sucker Punch”. Aww, cute? [AZ Central]
  • Some people go the distance to be closer to their loved one, but others like Judd Apatow just move their beloved instead. With the release of “Funny People,” the director will have cast his wife Leslie Mann in three of his hilarious films. Hey, if it works, why not mix business with pleasure? [Variety]
  • Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are another couple/business team that doesn’t have to compromise professional projects to spend time together. Always at each other’s side, Helena has starred in a slew of Burton’s amazing creations, including playing the Red Queen in Burton’s much-anticipated “Alice In Wonderland”. [NNDB]