Leighton Meester Wears Glasses?! Now We Want To, Too!

Leighton Meester was spotted on the set of “Gossip Girl” wearing some very cute specs. We loved her nerdy-chic accessory so much that we figured screw it, we want to wear glasses, too (even if we don’t need them). But we’re not the only ones obsessed with the four-eyed look. The Telegraph reports that ever since the new “Harry Potter” movie came out, the wizard’s signature glasses have been selling out like mad, with one company reporting a 100 percent jump in sales of the round-framed style. And apparently, it’s possible to develop a glasses fetish, as one Illinois man did recently, which drove him to steal $45k worth of eyeglasses. Weird.

After the jump, a few stylish choices for fake glasses… From top to bottom:

  1. Pink granny-style frames as sweet as candy. [$30, Topshop]
  2. Here’s a closer approximation to Leighton’s sleek specs, with a traditional faux-tortoise motif. [$5.80, Forever21]
  3. These may be overtly retro, but Chloe Sevigny has sported a similar pair in the past. [$18, Urban Outfitters]
  4. And finally, for the “Harry Potter” fans out there who want to contribute to the John Lennon style craze. [$20, Urban Outfitters]