“The Hills” The Movie? Well, Sorta.

Lauren Conrad’s debut novel, L.A. Candy still has a cozy spot on the New York Times best-seller list. But if that isn’t sweet enough for you, it looks like the first installment of Lauren’s “fictional” story might go from printed page to silver screen. Oh, yes, LC has been quite the little writer monkey lately, editing her second novel and penning the screenplay adaptation of the first one. It’ll be movie about a girl who moves to LA, gets a reality show, and works in the entertainment industry. In other words, it’s basically a two-hour marathon of “The Hills,” only a fictionalized version of the semi-fictional show. Naturally, it will star Lauren as Jane Roberts—the lead character based on … herself. How meta. [Daily News] To be honest, I like Lauren, and I often indulge my reality TV cravings with “The Hills.” But I have to ask: Is this necessary? I get the book thing, really. It’s another way to bank on “The Hills” success and an underhanded way of telling the world what she really thinks of her show’s co-stars by slapping a fiction label on her side of the story. But, seriously, we’ve seen this shtick before—five seasons of it. Another book is fine, but a feature film is too much “Candy” for me. It might rot my teeth.