Get The “It” Look For Fall By Shopping In Your Closet

Hurray! Despite the grim economic climate, there is good news for back to school style. Fashion forecasters and experts are predicting a trend that is easy on the eyes and wallet: individuality. Stylists are not predicting any new radical “must haves” clothes or “will die without” accessories. Instead, we are seeing familiar popular trends getting personalized twists. By now every gal has a pair of skinny jeans, but what she chooses to pair with it is the new X factor. This season, rather than buying an ensemble a store puts together, we suggest you opt for acting as your own stylist and highlight your own unique style. Luckily for you, the best way to find individuality is through shopping…in your closet. Nothing states your style as well as your favorite items from seasons past. Read our tips for the ultimate back to school shopping in your closet guide after the jump.

  • Do a Basic Inventory: We know it’s scary, but it’s time to suck it up and actually delve into the many layers of your closet. You won’t discover any gems if they are buried in obscure nooks and crannies of your closet’s underworld. Go through what you have and take out items that make you cringe, no longer fit you, or you never wear because you know it looks better on other people. Donate these castaways to your local Salvation Army and get a tax deduction. See, we even just saved you money!
  • Separate The Basic From The Bold: Chances are most clothes in your closet can be separated into one of two categories: items that everyone owns and items that reflect your personal style. Separate your threads into these two piles and look for ways to make an outfit with at least item from each pile. The result should be a classic and recognizably fashion-y but with an edge that is all your own.
  • If Your Wardrobe Lacks Creativity…: Some of us are less inclined to take fashion risks. The reward is that you rarely make a fashion faux pas, but on the downside you are most likely coming up short on unusual items. Here at The Frisky, we are a big fan of faking it. That basic white tee shirt could easily have a second life as a tie dye tee. Your dark denim jacket will look brand spankin’ new with a few metallic embellishments. Grab a pair of scissors, markers, dyes and whatever else you have around your apartment and treat some of your more generic items to a makeover.
  • Individual Style Doesn’t Just Mean Your Style: Are you a little tired of your old faves? We are too. Half the joy of back to school shopping is injecting that spark of newness into your wardrobe. Rather than actually, gasp, spending money, try swapping clothes with fashion friendly friends. If you love their clothes, imagine how much you will love their threads on you! Just keep two things one mind: cleanliness. Swapping dirty and unwashed clothes is downright icky. Make the effort and launder any clothes you are offering up for the swap fest.