Divorce Effs Up Your Health

The stress of going through a divorce looks like it takes a huge toll on your health. Divorced people are 20 percent more likely to have chronic health conditions like cancer and heart disease than people who’ve tied the knot and kept it tied. But if you think getting remarried is the best medicine, you’re wrong. Even those who get hitched again still have a 12 percent higher chance of getting a serious disease. Remarried folks also have mobility problems 19 percent more often when compared to those who’ve stayed married all along.

So what about the single folks?Doesn’t look life a lifetime of being a singleton increases your chances at chronic conditions. But watch out. People who never married are 12 percent more likely to have mobility problems and 13 percent more likely to suffer from depression than married folk.

What if you’re in a bad marriage? I totally don’t think you should stay in it based on this study. After all, health depends on tons of other factors. Including how happy you are.

What do you think? Do these findings give you pause? [Telegraph UK]